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Has your home become a constant reminder of how many incomplete chores you have yet to do, creating stress for you? Isn't life stressful enough? Our desire is to bring you pride, comfort and provide you a home that becomes a source of joy for you, your family and friends. Let us take care of your "honey-do" list and other time consuming tasks by offering our services in order to make your life easier! Our prices are affordable! We will complete your list such as garage cleanup, making home exterior repairs; we do it all! All services are guaranteed to your satisfaction! Please contact us for a free estimate!

Garage Cleanout

It happens to the best of us. Before we know it, the garage has become the preferred place to store or even"hide" our stuff. All too often, it's time to clean out the garage again! So what is it that makes us feel so good about an organized garage? In our society, the garage represents more than just a place to protect our cars, it's indicative of how well we manage our time and resources. For men, it's our domain and sometimes the only place we can watch a football game uninhibited. It's where we "call the shots" and store our tools. If the garage is cluttered, it's impossible to relax and feel content with your surroundings. Boyd and Son will take the frustration out of searching for tools by cleaning out and organizing your garage. If you choose, we will install garage organizing systems to take the guesswork out of trying to decide what should go where. We will dispose of the items that have mysteriously appeared and have taken up residence in your garage over the months or even years. Let us make sense of your garage for you! Our prices are very affordable! contact us via the "Contact Us" page for a free estimate!

Minor Repairs

There's never a good time to make exterior repairs. The average family is so consumed with their jobs, with school, and with our children's activities; just trying to create family time is time consuming enough without adding making repairs and outdoor projects to the agenda. You may be experiencing wood rot on your trim or your eaves, storm damage and/or hail damage to the trim or eaves of your home or maybe your home was damaged by an accident from the neighborhood children (or your own kids!)….we will fix your home efficiently and timely. Whatever dilemma you find yourself facing, we are knowledgeable and professional and will complete your repairs with integrity and cost effectiveness to ensure you are pleased with our services. Boyd and Son will assess your damage, discuss your options and will complete the work as agreed without additional surprises. Our prices are reasonable! Please contact us today for a free estimate!

Sheetrock and/or Drywall

Boyd and Son specialize in home repair projects, such as sheetrock and/or drywall repairs. We will replace and repair broken, decaying or splitting sheetrock or drywall around your home caused by exposure to weather or accidents. We utilize the proper tools; we don't cut corners and will do the job right the first time. We are knowledgeable and have years of experience to ensure your repair is done timely and efficiently. We measure our success on your satisfaction! Our prices are reasonable and we guarantee our services! Give us a call or contact us via the "Contact Us" page!

Door Install

Doors are essentially the "welcome mat" of your home; or for interior doors, your source of privacy and sanctuary. A new entry door adds a fresh and contemporary look to your home. It is an essential upgrade when remodeling your home's exterior. A door is a precision instrument. It must consistently snap into its latch, clear the door jamb and swing effortlessly on its hinges. A prehung door makes replacing a door easier, but it's a common misunderstanding that just changing out a door is all there is to it. Door jambs and door facings are also involved to fit a door properly. At Boyd and Son Lawn Care, we care about so much more than your lawn…we're experts at home repair. We are knowledgeable and experienced at door installation. We are experts at mastering the carpentry skill necessary to ensure your door is performing with precision. We will assess your desires and needs; and will and install your new door timely and accurately so that you are confident the job is done right the first time. We guarantee our services! Our prices are affordable. Give us a call or contact us via the "Contact Us" page today!

Bulb Replacement

Over the past decade, lighting fixtures and the locations of them around your home or business have become very innovative and really set the tone of the exterior and the interior of a home or business. The lighting enhances the look and feel of your home and business providing a true sense of pride and aesthetic pleasure. All seems well until the light bulb goes out. Now that source of pride is drawing attention to its need to be replaced. How can something missing become so obvious? You have determined the bulb needs replacing, but the question is, how do you get to it? In addition, you will have to match the bulb, locate the store who carries the replacement (or order it on the Internet); haul a huge ladder to the lighting fixture and if you're afraid of heights, talk yourself into climbing up that ladder and replacing the bulb. We have an alternative for you! Give us a call and let us take the anxiety out of light bulb replacement for you! Boyd and Son specializes in completing small interior and exterior tasks quickly, thoroughly and effectively for you such as lighting replacement. We utilize the proper tools and techniques to ensure your light fixtures are glowing with proper lighting designed by the manufacturer. Let us take complete your undesirable tasks for you! Our prices are reasonable! Give us a call or contact us via the "Contact Us" page for a free quote!

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Boyd & Son Lawn Care still believes in old-fashioned values and integrity, that's why your satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you have a small city property as a homeowner or business owner; or you own a large estate, we do it all! We look forward to your ideas to transform your home’s landscape or business property or, we will create an eye-catching design that will be a source of pride for you and your family! We are fully insured for your protection! Contact us today for the professional expertise and services you deserve!

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